Can you guess who we went as last con? We got lots of good feedback for it!

I know she adores me very much but… I’m not exactly the most appealing person or as easy on the eyes as some of those guys…


Summer, are you lolsummer69? ಠ_ಠ

lololol maybe. c:

nah, i’m not!

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A little later:

its a shame but Snow just doesn’t lyk touchin’ strangers much! but i touch her enough for everyone. 


special party when we get to 1000 ne1? ;)

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does snowflake ever obsess over her nerdy fandoms/ships?

ohhhh my god she goes CRAZY over that stuff! Its like, im eating cereal one minute and then next BAM shes crying into my chest about how she has all these feels about madoka (? iunno what that is but I think its some anime she watches. )

I dont normally get it but i kind of pet her hair till she calms down. Then she goes back over to the tv and I finish my cereal. I’m used to it by now. :)

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